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Closing Commander

Contact Person: Carter Harkins
Phone: 1-833-257-2637

Closing Commander™ isn't a bulk email marketing tool - it's automated follow-up communications with customers who are still deciding about working with you. All email is sent from your actual GSuite company email account or email address (more systems supported soon!) with your usual work signature, which means you'll see a copy in your sent folder, and customer replies will come directly to your inbox. No more tacky "unsubscribe" message at the bottom. This is not unsolicited marketing or special offers, it's following up on open business between you and your customer.

Why is this important?†Nothing gets in the way of nurturing a customer toward the goal of a closed sale like an email that goes into a spam folder, or worse, shows up looking like a slick, unsolicited marketing email. Our system sends proven, friendly follow-up emails that are converting over 20% of the follow-ups that are started*. It's timely reminder email that arrives in your customer's inbox looking just like an actual email from you -†because it is!

*System-wide average. Individual account results vary.

  • Offers telephone AND email support
  • Offers a free trial
  • Is updated with new features on a regular basis
  • Charges a monthly fee and no setup fee
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