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Online Exam Software and online Assessment System - Conduct Exam 


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Conduct Exam is one of the most powerful web based online exam software in the market. This software can be accessed using web anytime, anywhere. With this online exam software, the administrator can create questions, online exams, schedule, deliver, and report on quizzes, tests and exams at any point in time. This online test or online exams can be shared among all users of the system. The user also has the flexibility to give the online test at any time and from anywhere as per the suitability.

Our web based online exam software is very user friendly and is browser compatible with all the commonly used browsers like Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.0+, Opera 10+ and Internet Explorer 8+.   This does not require any new software to be updated or installed for conducting or giving any online exam and there is no special training required to take the online test. One can easily access it easily with the little knowledge of computer.


An administrator/ teacher of web based online exam software can create tests and assign it to multiple users at given time. Admin can also create a Question bank by adding a limitless number of questions in the question bank. The administrator can either add or define one question at a time on the panel or can import an excel/word file constituting of multiple questions with different question types. The online exams software supports multiple question formats like multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blanks, match following, match matrix and essay with multi language support. Once the test is created, Admin can publish it to the users at any given time.

An administrator on web based online exam software can analyze online test using online assessment system, once users submit an online test. The online test can be analyzed through various reports as per the requirement using rich features of the integrated assessment system. The report is generated on strengths and weakness, analysis on time spent, concept wise and subject wise speed with trends, analysis on wrong answers, concept wise and subject wise accuracy with trends. This will make the process of analyzing the test fast and with a high rate of accuracy.

Conduct Exam web based online exam software can be used by Institutes, Companies, Universities and other organizations who want to take an online exam for a specific purpose like recruitment and online admissions. This is one of the best ways to create online records of test for the students, employee’s performance etc. With this, analysis can be made on individual basis easily. This also makes everyone free from the hassles of test paper giving. With this, the requirement to make all the records on paper on the basis of person to person is done easily which is considered to be the most tedious task.

Conduct Exam software also maintains the security of each and every paper and records on the web. The security is one of the major criteria of web based online exam software. There is safety regarding all the records and data with Conduct Exam. All the records are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the individual anytime. The service support is there every time and in case of any difficulty, the support can be taken immediately without making a second thought about it.


  • Offers support via dedicated support ticket management system
  • Offers telephone AND email support
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Industry experience and credentials
  • Service level agreements provided
  • Provides third party integration via API
  • Is updated with new features on a regular basis
  • Provides users with options to customise application
  • Provides a forum to customers
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