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Contact Person: Julie Gold
Phone: 1-(646)-233-3577

EZShift was†founded in 2005†by a group of computer engineers and shift scheduling experts whose aim was to find a†software solution†that would address the need for an easily installed and useable shift scheduling software as well as†create a schedule that would†reflect the specific needs of each company.

EZShift took up the challenge to create a shift scheduling software that is†easy to use, that benefits the work force as well as the management, and that adapts to every shift-related issue at a very affordable price. Since our launch, our software has been used in many countries and industry sectors ranging from†emergency services, aviation and health, to hospitality and retail.

EZShift offers an†employee scheduling software†for all sized businesses. Our schedule software automatically generates the complete weekly/monthly shift schedule for your team. EZShift scheduling software does it all for you!†

EZShift is a smart, easy to use and reliable employee scheduling solution for any business work schedule. Here are a few of our advantages:

  • Automatic employee scheduling
  • Available from anywhere at any time
  • Integrated error prevention system
  • Supports any number of shifts, titles, chores and employee qualifications
  • Real time conflict solving
  • Friendly and customizable user interface
  • Fully automatic swap system

  • Offers support via dedicated support ticket management system
  • Offers telephone AND email support
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Offers a free trial
  • Industry experience and credentials
  • Service level agreements provided
  • Is updated with new features on a regular basis
  • Provides users with options to customise application
  • Provides a forum to customers
  • Charges a monthly fee and no setup fee
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